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enjoy's the only one you've got

today is the only today you've got. it won't be back again. today is the only (insert today's date here) you get.  it only comes around once. you only get to live it right now. tomorrow will be tomorrow. next week will be next week.  today will only be today...once. how you choose to live it is your choice. how you choose to spend your time is up to you. no matter your circumstances. no matter the obstacles you face. no matter the mountains you need moved on your still get to decide your attitude.  you still get to decide how you'll react. how you'll adjust.  you still get to decide how you'll live. life is more about how we choose to see it then about how it really is. we can see the thorn or we can see the rose.  we can see the rain or we can see the rainbow.  we can see the storm or we can see the shelter. simple stuff really. simple choices. not always easy choices but simple still the same.  two people see the same movie and fee

it doesn't matter what the world says about you

it doesn't matter what the world says about you. it doesn't matter that people have something negative to say. it doesn't matter that some remember your failings, your faults, your missteps. because God has something else to say. He says you are worth it. He says you have value. He says He loves you. and if you don't believe it, look toward the Cross. look towards His ultimate sacrifice. giving His very Son so that you might always know-without a doubt-the love He has for you. the worth He sees in you. the value He sees in your life. but you do doubt it at times. you do think you're not worthy. you do wonder why a God so great would love a person so flawed. God knew that. He knew you'd have moments when you'd feel that way. He knew satan would try to convince you that your failure was too much for the Lord. and so God gave His Son. to pay the price for your faults. to pay the price for your sins. to pay the price for us