about me

though i was born in vermont, my family moved to south florida when i was 2 months old. neither state claims me of course, since i didn't stay in one, and i wasn't born in the other. i grew up in south florida, graduated from lake worth high and married my first boyfriend, whose parents moved his family to florida when he was a senior in high school and he spent 10 years waiting to leave.

we moved to the mountains of NE Georgia/Western North Carolina in 1996 and after 8 years of marriage, proceeded to have two boys 6 years apart. yeah, we're pretty quick like that...

now married over 28 years, we spend our days trying to raise our family while living at and running our very own mom & pop motel/retail plaza, volunteering at the best school in the world and hoping our constant joke that we're not saving for our boys' college- just future therapy sessions really never comes true!

for those folks like me, who see all the numbers and try to do the math, i'm 49. at least i will be through 2018 and the beginning of 2019. you're welcome...i'm curious like that too...

i could go on and on about who i am and where i've come from, and while it's all pretty interesting (and amazing of course), i'll save that for the blog. for me and for my life, i have one thing that i try to stay focused on....Jesus. my heart belongs to Him. and while i may get caught up in this crazy world every now and then, i know that nothing else matters.

keep the faith and keep your eye on Him...He'll never let you down!!!

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