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Showing posts from September 18, 2011

is God listening?

sometimes it's not hard to wonder if God is listening. to ask if He sees what's going on. with so much pain and suffering in this world, we wonder if He's turned His back. if He's walked away. if He's given up. i know i would. i'd turn my back. i'd walk away. i'd give up. and i have before. because it's all too much. it's all too overwhelming. the tragedies, the abuse, the downright craziness of this world is too much to think about. too much to bear. who wants that job? to be in charge.  to be the one people look to for answers. to be the one people look for to blame. not me. don't sign me up. don't throw my name in the bucket. i'm not interested. at all. i have no desire to be the one who has to fix this mess. to deal with these issues. but thankfully i don't have to volunteer. i don't have to worry that someone might see me hiding in the back and ask me to take charge.  becau