Thursday, January 26, 2012

daily encouragement

be the most positive person in your world today. 
be kind to everyone. be thoughtful and caring in every situation. 
say nice things, offer compliments, keep smiling. 
it won't be easy. it may not even be fun at times. 
but it will be worth it. 
because being positive changes people. being positive changes you. 
God has given you a light, so let it shine. 
and decide to shine it brighter than all the rest. 
happy thursday!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

daily encouragement

when you think you've lost all hope, you haven't, because the God of all hope is never lost. you may have lost your way, you may have stepped off the path, you may have never found the road to begin with, but it's not too late. it's never too late. our lives begin again every morning. today is a new start. today is a new hope. and our start and our hope lies in Jesus. all is not lost. all is never lost. ♥

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