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standing in the gap for matthew

i don't write a lot anymore. i don't have time. at least that's the excuse i make. and that's what i keep telling myself. but i do have time...i just fill it with other things. someone once told me, "everyone makes time for what they want to make time for." and that's one of the truest statements i have ever heard. we all make time for what we want to make time for. and hopefully the important things don't slip by. the important moments aren't missed. the important people aren't forgotten. and sometimes, when we're faced with just how fragile life is, we stop to think about that. and we remember what we should be making time for. we remember who we should be making time for. for a lot of us in my small town, that time is spent on Matthew Butler . we wake up thinking about him. we spend our days thinking about him. and we go to sleep thinking about him. because he's sick. really sick. and he needs a miracle. but