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smiling past the sadness

as most of you know from my last post, my life has been turned upside down lately. last week one of our guests committed suicide and when we found her, it brought back painful memories that i've struggled for years to overcome.  today's post is an update on how satan tried his best to destroy me....but his best wasn't better than God. the first part is from last night, the last part is from the miracle of today. yesterday -  smiling past the sadness it's not easy to smile when i'm sad but i do it anyway. it's not easy to say i'm ok when i'm not but i do it anyway. and it's not easy to pretend everything is fine...when it's not... but i do it anyway. because people need me. people need me to be happy. people need me to be strong. people need me to encourage and lift up and offer hope. people need me to make decisions, and give advice, and meet deadlines. people need me to do what i've always done and i know that. they tell me th