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Showing posts from July 22, 2018

when you're tired of holding on

hold on.  there's so much wrapped up in those two words. but how do you hold on when you're tired? how do you hold on when you're slipping? how do you hold on when you just want the relief of letting go? and so you let go. you stop holding and you let yourself fall. sometimes we're so worried about falling we don't realize our holding on is the problem. we've held tight for so long we believe it's all we can do. that it's all we should do. that if we FALL we've FAILED. we have this crazy belief that nothing good can ever come from a fall. but we've forgotten that falling teaches us. falling helps us. falling pushes us to stretch. to reach for help.  to trust that God has something bigger. that God has something better. we have to remind ourselves of that. like a baby learning to walk, we were born with an innate desire to get up. to keep trying. to keep reaching. to FALL and to TRY again.