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People say you get over death

We found out today that my husband has the flu. No big deal except in the 30+ years we've been together he's never had more than a cold.  It started a couple of weeks ago with a cough. Then he lost his voice. Then his voice came back. But the cough wanted to linger, especially first thing in the mornings.  It became one of those aggravating things.  Like, "COULD YOU PLEASE STOP COUGHING ALREADY?!!" Never said out loud of course.  But definitely screamed inside my head. Two days ago he started to get tired by midday. I wondered how he could be tired at all since he had been sleeping an unusual 9-10 hours a night. "He's probably tired from too much sleep," I thought and dismissed it just as quickly.  Yesterday he was in bed by 3pm.  We had a bunch of things we needed to do for our business but while he was waiting for me he decided to lie down. He never gets in bed in the middle of the day. That's when I knew he was sick.

no one's life is easy