Saturday, June 22, 2019

somebody needs to hear your story

somebody needs to hear your story.

somebody needs to hear what you've been through.

somebody needs to hear that you made it despite the darkness.

somebody needs to hear that your sins didn't overtake you.

they threatened. 

they tempted.

they mocked.

but you came out on the other side. 

you could have given up.

you wanted to give up.

you almost gave up.

but you held on.

you kept pushing.

you kept fighting.

you kept hoping.

and you made it. 

one more minute.

one more hour.

one more day. 

somebody needs to know that.

somebody needs you to be real with them.

somebody needs to know they're not alone.

that there's a God who loves them.

that there's a God who will save them. 

we aren't in this for our glory.

we're in it for His.

tell somebody where your hope comes from. 

tell somebody your story. 

omebody needs to hear it today.

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