Friday, April 29, 2011

poetry friday: ~~Jesus saves~~

i've decided that today would be a great day to share a poem i wrote more than 20 years ago. it seems the message is as important today as it was back then.
i've always loved writing poems. from the time i was a young girl, the sound of words-especially rhyming words, has been music to my ears. i consider it a gift, of course, to be able to write things that touch people. to be able to write things that mean something to someone. i never think it's me. i never assume that i've created this talent on my own. i know, i've always known, that my writing is an incredible gift from God. and knowing that makes it a huge responsibility. one that i don't take lightly. one that i don't want to waste. i pray that in everything i write that i always use my gift in a way that gives glory to Him.
the poem is called "Jesus saves" because He did. and He does. He saved me from this world. He saved me from myself. He saved me when no one else could. and if you need saving, He's willing to save you too.
so here it is, my 20 year old poem. i hope you like it.
Jesus saves
"you're stupid," he mocked through a heart of stone.
"i know," my mind replied.
"you're wrong!", he yelled at me again,
i guess i just don't try.
"you're fat. you're ugly. you've failed again",
these thoughts won't go away.
the dark sets in, my heart is crushed,
i can't live another day.
"but i love you," a voice calls from above,
"who me?", i asked the man.
"yes you," He said, "without a doubt,
you see, I understand.
just how it feels to think this world
doesn't have a place for you.
and how it feels when others fault
most everything you do.
I've been there...I know your pain,
but I can make it turn around,
into a love you've never known,
it's just waiting to be found."
"but i'm not good enough," i said through tears,
and i'm a sinner, through and through.
"I know," He said, and stretched out His arms,
but my heart has room for you."

if you have a poem you'd like me to share on my blog, send it to me at i'd love to hear from you!!!

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