Monday, May 9, 2011

an adopted baby's talk with God

years ago, my friends wanted a baby more than anything. and when they couldn't have one on their own they looked at adoption. 

i admired them because it wasn't easy. 

there were phone calls, forms, house studies, and questions. and just when they thought they met all the requirements, there were more forms and more questions and more paperwork to complete. 

the list was endless. the questions unreal. 

i remember thinking (as i wrote a letter of recommendation for them), how easy it was for some to have children and how incredibly hard it was for others. 

it didn't seem fair. 

or nice. 

or acceptable. 

and though more than twelve years have passed since that time, i've never forgotten the determination they had despite the struggles. no matter what was required of them, they refused to give up. they did whatever needed to be done. they did whatever was asked of them. 

because their hearts wouldn't let them do otherwise.

God gave me the words to a prayer of sorts to write for their son zachary when he came home from the hospital. his mom, my friend debra, wrote to me last week and asked me to share it now on my blog because it still means so much to her.

to be honest, the prayer was a part i had forgotten long ago. 

i think it's great how God works like that. taking something so simple - like a gift of words - and using it to offer help, to offer healing, and to offer hope- even when we don't know it's happening. 

so i share zachary's prayer today with all those parents who have adopted, and especially for all who are still trying to get there. i pray that you find peace in the words and the realization that God has not forgotten you. i admire your courage. i admire your determination. i admire your refusal to give up even when it seems like everything is stacked against you. 

God sees you. He hears your cries. He knows your heart. and He has a plan. 

Zachary 's Prayer

"before i was born on earth, i had a talk with God.  
He told me that i would be a special baby, 
not for who i was, but for who i would be.  
He said, i was a 'custom order' of sorts, 
for i would be the answer to a parents prayer.  
He talked of two people who wanted a baby more than anything. 
and because they knew where babies truly came from, 
they made their request with Him.  

God heard their wish, looked closely at their hearts and made His decision.
they would have a child.
He worked on me for months, carefully examining each detail.  
i would be a unique individual, unlike any other.  
He took great care in His task, every move measured, every action planned.  
but like all children, there was to be a part of me that He would not complete. 
one part that He would leave untouched.  
God never finished my heart.  
He said that was your job.  
the most important part of my life, 
the part where i learn about love, compassion and mercy, 
He left up to you.  

His job was big.

yours is bigger.  

He told me before i left not to worry, 
because He has faith in you.  
and you know, i'm not worried. 

at all.

because He's already seen your hearts.
He already knew your love.

and it's truly because of them that I'm here today."


i believe God has ordained this very moment in time for you to gain strength in the journey. though the wait seems long, He knows it will be so very worth it when you get there. 

don't lose hope. don't lose faith. don't give up. 

and no matter the world tells you, remember this...the world is not our source...God is.

enjoy this monday friends, because this very day won't ever be back again...

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