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an adopted baby's talk with God

years ago, my friends wanted a baby more than anything. and when they couldn't have one on their own they looked at adoption.  i admired them because it wasn't easy.  there were phone calls, forms, house studies, and questions. and just when they thought they met all the requirements, there were more forms and more questions and more paperwork to complete.  the list was endless. the questions unreal.  i remember thinking (as i wrote a letter of recommendation for them), how easy it was for some to have children and how incredibly hard it was for others.  it didn't seem fair.  or nice.  or acceptable.  and though more than twelve years have passed since that time, i've never forgotten the determination they had despite the struggles. no matter what was required of them, they refused to give up. they did whatever needed to be done. they did whatever was asked of them.  because their hearts wouldn't let them do otherwise. God gave me the words to a