Wednesday, January 11, 2012

i'm not special

i'm not special.

i'm nobody important.

i don't have power. or prestige. or fame. 

i'm just a regular girl with a regular life.

but i have a Bible.

and i have a voice.

and i have a Word from God that says He is no respecter of persons.

what He did for one, He will do for all.

and i'm included in that all.

i believe in that all.

i trust in that all.

and so i seek Him.

and i knock.

and i come before His throne.

and i bring others with me.

and i lift us up.

and i talk with Him.

and i give Him thanks.

for you.

for me.

for everything.

but i'm not any more special.

or any more important.

or any more forgiven.

than anyone else.

i just really want more of Him.

for me.

and for you.

because He's what makes us special.

He's what makes us stand out.

He's what makes us important.

because He is important.

to us all.


  1. Amazing. God is good. I couldn't do anything without him what an encouragement.

    1. i couldn't do anything without Him either...He is AMAZING!!!!


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