Wednesday, February 1, 2012

what i've learned in 43 years

 my life has taught me...

that actions speak louder than words.

that you should always keep your promises.

that words hurt.

that kindness matters.

that everyone needs love.

that everyone needs compassion.

that everyone needs mercy.

that you should do what you say and say what you mean.

that a white lie is still a lie.

that your character is proven in the moments when no one is looking.

that a hug can make someones day.

that you should look someone in the eye when you speak.

that a smile is the same in any language.

that a true friend loves you even when you don't deserve it.

that you should love others when they don't deserve it as well.

that God is real and Jesus is life.

that you're never ready for someone to die.

that a compliment is never wasted.

that the people you love should know you love them.

that children are a gift.

that my attitude is my choice.

that my dad was right. about everything.

that remembering someones name is important.

that everyone makes mistakes.

that forgiving (even yourself) is necessary.

that everyone has value.

that racism is ugly.

that we should never be ugly.

that stupid is a bad word.

that telling the truth really does set you free.

that crying doesn't mean you're weak.

that everyone deserves a second chance.

that holding on to shame is dangerous.

that getting what you want isn't always what you need.

that no one wins a fight.

that you should build people up and not tear them down.

that getting even is never worth it.

that you can't take something back once you've said it.

that being mean is never acceptable.

that God is awesome and amazing and wonderful.

that this life is not about me.

that this life is about Him.


  1. Beautiful words from a beautiful person. Thanks for reminding us all what is truly important!

    1. thanks ryan...a lot of these were learned the hard way!!!

  2. Replies
    1. thank you for taking the time to read my post. i really appreciate it!!!

  3. Colleen,

    Can I share this on Facebook? Mary Demuth wrote a comment! I read her book! Go Colleen! I love how you honor your Dad. Love you my friend.

    1. my dad deserves all the honor i can give...he was a great man. of course you can share this and it was totally cool that Mary DeMuth posted a comment!!! i love you too my friend...and your blog!!!


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