Thursday, February 9, 2012

when a stranger touches your heart

i never met her. this girl who touched my heart.

i glimpsed her through her blog only after i started blogging.

it was coincidence. or happenstance. or chance.

or maybe fate that directed me towards her.

sara. the gitzen girl. 

i read her words, read her story and found inspiration in her basic decision: choose joy.

so simple.

and yet so hard.

life is all about choices. choices about what to wear, what to eat, where to live.

choices about partners, and friends, and jobs.

but sara reminded everyone that our most important choices...the ones that matter in the end...are those choices we make with our hearts.

those chances we decide to take.

the willingness we have to risk looking silly for the sake of something bigger.

something better.

something more.

and that's what sara did. that's what sara shared.

she laid her life on the line. she laid her heart out for all to see. she laid out her bad and her good. her heartaches and triumphs. her pleasures and pain. and she kept reminding only one thing.

choose joy.

and she defined that by choosing to see the good. in everything and in everyone.

by choosing not to focus on the bad. by choosing not to see her obstacles as roadblocks. by choosing not to blame God for what she was missing, but choosing instead to thank Him for what she had.

such great lessons. such a great life.

and such a short one.

because in the middle of her inspiration was a girl who knew she didn't have long to share it.

sara was dying.

and all the people she touched through her words rallied around her in the real world and rallied around her in the blog world.

it didn't matter that most had never met her. that most would never see her face.

because people only wanted to let her know that she mattered. people wanted to let her know that she helped them. people wanted to let her know that she inspired them.

oh the prayers that Heaven must have received on her behalf!

she died a few months ago and yet i still think of her. i'm still reminded of her goodness. i still remember her heart.

strangers in this world. sisters in the next.

goodbye sweet sara, until we meet again.

your words, your attitude, your decision to live - to really live - touched my heart.

and you will forever remain in mine.

you can meet sara's her blog...

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