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the most important choice

there are some who think the gift of life
is nothing more than chance
and a baby is not real when it's conceived

and i guess they must accept this
because it's easier to sleep
when a mind has only good things to believe

but the Lord of all creation
is looking at this world
and wondering if we'll ever find it wrong

to carry out a sentence
that always ends in death
to the little one whose voice is not yet strong

we can find a million reasons
to justify this right
and we can find a way to make our conscience small

but when we think we're smart enough
to play around with life
we forget about the greatest loss of all

for we might not see their faces
and we might not hear their cries
and we might not know the path they would have found

that doesn't change the impact
our power could have held
when we had the chance to turn this world around

God doesn't give us babies
to see how we'll react
or to argue when it's life will first begin

He gives us all these blessings
in hopes that we might see
that this important choice belongs to Him.

colleen laquay urbaniuk


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