Monday, April 2, 2012

it's hard when people know your secret

it's hard when people know your secret.

when your struggles come to light. when your missteps are noticed.

and talked about.

and judged.

it's hard when a decision defines you.

how a moment in your life becomes who you are to others.

it's hard when you think you hear whispers. when you fear your friends might turn away. when the life you had becomes the life you used to know.

it's hard when no one acts like they have their own secret.

their own struggle. their own failing.

it's hard to not feel alone when the rest of the world seems to be pointing at you.

and noticing your battle.

your brokenness.

your pain.

it's hard when you feel you've let others down. when your trials consume you. when your troubles threaten to overtake you.

nothing about struggling is easy.

nothing about life is easy.

but despite what the world may have us believe...

our circumstances don't define us.

our failures aren't fatal.

our setbacks aren't set in stone.

each day gives us a new beginning. each day gives us another chance.

you may have fallen, but you will get up.

you may have stumbled, but you will find your way.

you may be scared, but you will make it.

and those of us who have survived need to reach out to those who are still hurting. those of us who have failed need to be willing to admit the failures.

because others are strengthened when they know they're not alone.

others are encouraged when they know they're not in it by themselves. 

"Two are better than one...if one falls down the other can help him up." Ecc 4:19

God has a way of using what we think are the very worst moments of our lives to bring about our greatest blessings.

He has a way of using our trials to bring us triumph.

He has a way of taking what we wanted to keep hidden and using it to help.

yes, it's hard when people know our secrets.

it's hard when people know our pain.

but sometimes healing can only come for all of us when they do.

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