Monday, June 11, 2012

handbook list for girls


swear words always make you look bad and sound terrible. 

you should talk to your friends, not about them.  

decide that you are worth it and then act that way. (AND dress that way.)

realize that a boy doesn't define you or determine your happiness. you do.

the easiest way to avoid drama is to remove yourself from it. 

own your mistakes. and make them right. right away.

don't say something that isn't true. remember an opinion is not a fact.

understand that beauty is not determined by how you look, but by how you live.

love is not something to be thrown around. or used carelessly. or taken for granted. 

(and it's not something you owe anybody for.)

accept who you are. all of you. and believe that God made you for a purpose.
honor yourself. with your words. with your actions. with your life.

be truthful. 

be you.

be nice.


  1. In a world full of judgements based on such shallow things as wealth, beauty, popularity, etc., it can be overwhelming for girls to just be themselves. I hope that they can learn really early on that ALL of the things that I mentioned soon go away and all that is left is dignity, grace, honor, and self love.

  2. i agree kelli!!! thanks for your comment!!!

  3. I love it! And its all true!<3


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