Monday, October 15, 2012

mondays for matthew

this morning i went to a Prayer Service for matthew

it didn't go unnoticed by me that it was scheduled on a monday. you know i'm a monday girl. mondays to me are fresh starts. new opportunities. anything is possible kind of days. 

so it just made sense in my mind that we would gather to pray for a boy that we were expecting a fresh start for today. it made total sense that a day that we usually grumble and complain to God about, would instead start with thanks and praise to Him instead. 

there's no complaining about a monday when you're praying for thousands of more mondays for a boy in the battle of his life.

and so we gathered. 100 or so of us took our seats in the school auditorium.

there was a moment of silence and the room went quiet. suddenly we were all alone with our thoughts, all alone with our prayers.

there's something about silent prayers that are powerful. 

something about being in silence-with no noise from the world-that makes us look harder, look deeper, think more.

the family pastor gave an update. matthew is still on the lung machine. he's still sedated to give his body rest. his mom is still there with him. there's still a long way to go.

after he spoke people were invited to offer prayers from their seats, loud enough for the group to hear. loud enough to be heard over our beating hearts.

there's something about spoken prayers that are powerful too. 

something about hearing a heart that brings emotion, and agreement, and boldness.

there were tears of course. you heard them before you saw them. from all across the room, men and women offered their tears, along with their prayers to God.

there were all faiths represented too. Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist and more. different religions but one Jesus. and that's all that mattered this morning. that's all that we needed. that's all that matthew needed.

i looked around and wondered if that's what Heaven was like. where we didn't find reasons to separate. where we just loved God and loved our neighbor. where we didn't look at our differences. where those differences didn't matter at all.  

and i wondered if God wished the world was like that. and i was thankful that just for a moment, a small part of it was.

you couldn't be in that room this morning and not feel the love. you couldn't be witness to those prayers and not be moved. and you couldn't walk away without feeling like you just spent an hour of your life better than you spent a lot of other hours before.

and i wonder if that's part of what God is doing here. i wonder if that's part of the good that comes out of the bad. i wonder if that's part of the miracle. 

if we're part of the miracle. 

because for those of us gathered in that room, for those gathered across the United States, for those gathered in Denmark, and for those gathered at Piedmont Hospital ICU Red Bed 4, it wasn't about anything this morning except Jesus.

there were no politics, no grumbling, no gossip. there was no hatred, no fighting, no judgment. for one moment in our lives we were exactly where we were supposed to be...gathered together for Him.

people have told me of Matthew. told me of his love for Christ. told me of his desire to make a difference.

and today is proof that he IS making a difference. 

and today is proof that he HAS made a difference. 

and today is proof that he WILL continue to make a difference.

happy monday, matthew. 

this one was for you. 

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  1. Excellent essay. When I left the service yesterday I realized how cathartic it had been for everyone there. When we open ourselves to the Spirit we are left drained, cleansed and at peace.


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