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what are we waiting for?

what if we all stepped it up a notch?  what if we all decided to strive for excellence in everything we do? what if we all made the choice to be more compassionate, more merciful, more loving...more forgiving? what if today was the day that millions of us chose to live in such a way that others wanted to know our secret, wanted to get what we had, wanted to be like us? what if we did it? what if our faith became our focus? what if Jesus became our life? what's holding US back? what's holding YOU back? we have within us the chance to change the world.  what are we waiting for?   www. thegiftofmondays .com

it's always your choice

when you say something's your choice.  when you do something's your choice.  when your attitude is's your choice.  you can try to blame your background, or your family, or another person,  but you'd be wrong.  everyone has obstacles.  everyone has difficulties.  everyone has hardships.  everyone.  and everyone has a choice.  when faced with negative, choose to be positive.  every time.  because you CAN'T control the world, but you CAN control you.

what i've learned in 43 years

 my life has taught me... that actions speak louder than words. that you should always keep your promises. that words hurt. that kindness matters. that everyone needs love. that everyone needs compassion. that everyone needs mercy. that you should do what you say and say what you mean. that a white lie is still a lie. that your character is proven in the moments when no one is looking. that a hug can make someones day. that you should look someone in the eye when you speak. that a smile is the same in any language. that a true friend loves you even when you don't deserve it. that you should love others when they don't deserve it as well. that God is real and Jesus is life. that you're never ready for someone to die. that a compliment is never wasted. that the people you love should know you love them. that children are a gift. that my attitude is my choice. that my dad was right. about everything. that remembering someones name