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Showing posts from February 5, 2012

when a stranger touches your heart

i never met her. this girl who touched my heart. i glimpsed her through her blog only after i started blogging. it was coincidence. or happenstance. or chance. or maybe fate that directed me towards her. sara. the gitzen girl.  i read her words, read her story and found inspiration in her basic decision: choose joy. so simple. and yet so hard. life is all about choices. choices about what to wear, what to eat, where to live. choices about partners, and friends, and jobs. but sara reminded everyone that our most important choices...the ones that matter in the end...are those choices we make with our hearts. those chances we decide to take. the willingness we have to risk looking silly for the sake of something bigger. something better. something more. and that's what sara did. that's what sara shared. she laid her life on the line. she laid her heart out for all to see. she laid out her bad and her good. her heartaches and triumphs. her pleasures

garth brooks : my wish for the next 50 years

to those who know me well, it's no secret that my favorite entertainer is garth brooks. for years, when i would conduct new hire orientation at a resort i was working at, i would include that piece of information at every session. really, every one. once a month for 9 years. everyone knew. pretty much everyone who knows me still knows. i love garth brooks. not in that fantasy i wish he would marry me type way. i'm already happily married.  and not in that creepy stalker-ish way that has me following his every move and knowing every single detail of his life. because i barely have time keeping up with my own life, let alone trying to do it for someone else. but i love him in that love you have for someones passion. that appreciation you have for someones gift. that admiration you have for someones humanity. because the passion causes him to live on purpose. to make decisions that mean something. to do things that outlive the moment. and the gift cause