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Showing posts from March 18, 2012

i'm the loud one

loud. that's what they call me. that's what they say i am. actually they don't have to say anything. their step back and their stare says it all. gosh, you're loud. hey lady, you're loud. i know it. and it doesn't phase me. because in most parts of my life i'm quiet. sometimes too quiet. but not here. not at my son's match. not at my son's meet. here i'm loud. here i'm screaming. here i don't care who sees me. because i need him to hear me. i need him to know i'm on his side. i want him to know he has someone in his corner. and not just him but all the kids on the team. i yell for them too. i'm loud on their behalf. because i need them to hear me. i need them to know i'm on their side. i want them to know someone is in their corner. and i don't think that happens enough in life. where we forget how we look for the sake of someone else. where we purposefully make sure someone knows th

the most important choice

there are some who think the gift of life is nothing more than chance and a baby is not real when it's conceived and i guess they must accept this because it's easier to sleep when a mind has only good things to believe but the Lord of all creation is looking at this world and wondering if we'll ever find it wrong to carry out a sentence that always ends in death to the little one whose voice is not yet strong we can find a million reasons to justify this right and we can find a way to make our conscience small but when we think we're smart enough to play around with life we forget about the greatest loss of all for we might not see their faces and we might not hear their cries and we might not know the path they would have found that doesn't change the impact our power could have held when we had the chance to turn this world around God doesn't give us babies to see how we'll react or to argue when it's life will first

i love when God finds you

i love when God does that. when He finds us right in the middle of our hiding. when He seeks us out right in the middle of our excuses. when He calls out in that still small voice to remind us that He needs us to be us. not our neighbors. not our friends. not someone else we wish we were. He needs us to be us. He needs you to be you. He needs me to be me. and everything we need to be ourselves, He's already given us. everything we need to be who He needs us to be is inside of us. you should be you. i should be me. how simple. how true. how great. here's the post i read today that gave me this realization. you should definitely check it out: i stand in awe of God!!!