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life is beyond me

it's Five Minute Friday over at and today's writing prompt is "Beyond." take 5 minutes, write without editing or worrying what someone will think, and link up with a community of others who have done the same. i'm doing it and hope you do too. oh, and don't forget to encourage the person who linked up right before you, because that's what this is all about...encouraging people. somehow when you stop to encourage someone else, a little bit of that hope comes right back to you. beyond sometimes life is beyond me. sometimes people and what they do are beyond me. sometimes who i've become in the middle of all the chaos is beyond me. and i get consumed. and overwhelmed. and alone. really alone. because the darkness of the world, the darkness of me, is beyond what i can understand. beyond what i can comprehend. beyond what i can handle. and i find myself wondering why i try. why i bother. why i care. and i wonder if