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Showing posts from October 14, 2012

mondays for matthew

this morning i went to a Prayer Service for matthew .  it didn't go unnoticed by me that it was scheduled on a monday. you know i'm a monday girl. mondays to me are fresh starts. new opportunities. anything is possible kind of days.  so it just made sense in my mind that we would gather to pray for a boy that we were expecting a fresh start for today. it made total sense that a day that we usually grumble and complain to God about, would instead start with thanks and praise to Him instead.  there's no complaining about a monday when you're praying for thousands of more mondays for a boy in the battle of his life. and so we gathered. 100 or so of us took our seats in the school auditorium. there was a moment of silence and the room went quiet. suddenly we were all alone with our thoughts, all alone with our prayers. there's something about silent prayers that are powerful.  something about being in silence-with no noise from the world-th