Tuesday, January 22, 2013

saving a friend

i have been a little sad lately. without direction. seeking answers.

i have been overwhelmed with too many decisions. too many distractions. too much strife.

i have lacked focus. questioned motives. sought peace.

i have been crowded. criticized. burdened.

and yet through it all, i have been blessed.

that is the hand of God right there. taking a girl i haven't seen in over 20 years and using her to remind me that i matter. that He sees me. that He loves me.  

i am AMAZED - completely and totally- at God's goodness. i am humbled at His mercy.

i am in awe of His grace.

He found me right where i am and He reminded me that i am not alone. 

but that's God isn't it? showing up when we least expect it. when we least deserve it.

but when we need it the most.

and saving us right in the middle of a storm.

i am so thankful.

i am filled with joy.

i am blessed.

if God has placed someone on your heart today, reach out to them. encourage them. love them.

in doing so you are pleasing Him. 

you are doing His work.

you are saving the world.

thank you Tere for saving me today. 

you are loved. 




  1. You are a wonderful person, Colleen. I am struck here at how we touch so many people in varying circles...you in yours, and me in mine.
    God Bless,

    1. and how our worlds, our words and our pain connects us in ways that only God could orchestrate and use. like a friend of mine likes to say...nothing is wasted.

      i love you.


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