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Showing posts from February 3, 2013

i know how it feels to be broken

sometimes i feel like i've seen too much. too much heartache. too much loss. too much death. and moments like yesterday when they suddenly and unexpectedly roll up into one. a woman checked in to the motel and never checked out. she left, but she didn't leave alive. she killed herself. a calculated, meticulous, planned suicide. and the way that we found her will be something i never forget. i won't give details other than to say it was obvious she found it on the internet. she had purchased all the right things, made all the right plans. she made sure no one would find her until it was over. and her plan worked perfectly. she left a note telling us she was sorry and asked someone to call her dad. she didn't leave a mess. in fact, you can't even tell she was there. but she created a mess if that makes sense. because she left behind family. she left behind 3 children. she left behind questions. she left behind a life. and she left behind scars t