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dear tommy...Santa is real...

and so today i had the "talk" i've been dreading for years. my 9 year old asked me if Santa was real. my heart sunk. just like when he asked me last year about the tooth fairy. and the Easter bunny before that. we tell our kids to tell the truth and then we lie to them. we are not good parents. but the truth is, we tell these stories because we are good parents. at least we're trying to be. and we want our kids to grow up with a sense of wonder and surprise and joy. because, let's face it, this world can be cruel. so if we can portray that the world is good through a man in a red suit than so be it. and let's so be it as long as we can. but as of this morning, i am probably the worst mom in the world. at least it felt that way when i saw his face. because tommy did not take the news well. and for the next hour he didn't want to talk about it. but then we read the letter i wrote to him again. this time together. i cried. he cried. and t