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Showing posts from June 1, 2014

note to self: i don't have time for my life

i've done it again. said yes when i should have said no. added 5 million more things to my list that already had 5 million things on it. felt like i needed to help everyone. felt like i needed to live up to everyone. forgot to pay a bill. or two. let's be honest, it's more than two. missed a meeting. let the dishes sit in the sink overnight. and then the whole next day too. didn't make my bed. didn't drink my water. didn't eat lunch. haven't made dinner. lost my patience. lost my motivation. lost my mind.  found it. and then lost it again. and it's not the first time for any of these things. and it probably won't be the last. because i'm a people pleaser. and an enabler. and a control freak. and really bad at saying no. and really bad at not finding time to do it all. and really bad at remembering the good i do. because i still have SO MUCH to do. and i won't stop until it's done.