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sometimes life feels like a flood

sometimes life feels like a flood. with the waters rising fast and hard. with no escape and nowhere to turn. and we wonder if we can make it. if we can swim long enough. if we can tread water long enough. if we can fight long enough. we wonder if God sees us flailing our arms. if He sees the panic in our eyes. if He sees we’re so obviously overwhelmed. sometimes we wonder if God knows we’re about to give up. if He knows we’re to the point where going under seems so much easier than going on. if He knows the fight has been too long. that it’s been too hard. that it’s been too much. sometimes we wonder if God sees us at all. i know, because i’ve been there.     in my own battle. in my own flood. and because i’ve been there i can look at you and tell that God does see us. that He does care. that He hasn’t forgotten us in the middle of our storm.    we just need to find our promise. God’s W

one of satan's biggest strategies is to wear us down

one of satan's biggest strategies is to wear us down. the definition of "wear down" is to overcome or weaken somebody or something by a gradual process. it's the constant drip, drip, dripping that gets us. the constant somebody needs us to do something that wears us out. the constant little things that go wrong. we're running late. the washer breaks. we overdraw our account. it's the frustration that builds because nothing seems to be going our way. the anger that builds beca use we can't seem to get a break. the bitterness that builds because it seems like everyone else has it so much easier that we do. and right there...right in the middle of another small thing...they all add up. and satan has us right where he wants us. because he knows he doesn't have to send anything big. he just needs to keep sending the small things. and ever so slowly, without us even realizing it, we come crashing down.