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God can take what looks dead and give it new life

months ago i saw that i let my store bought bag of potatoes go bad. again. they were soft and sprouting everywhere. i grabbed the bag and headed for the dumpster. in my mind they were no good. worthless. garbage. on my way out one of the ladies that works with us saw me. "where are you going with those?" she asked. "i'm throwing them away," i told her, "they're rotten." "they're not rotten," she said as she took the bag from my hands, "they're perfect." "perfect for what?" I asked. "for planting," she told me. over the next couple of days we got the ground ready and we planted those old potatoes. i didn't see much hope in them but i did it anyway. as the plants grew my doubts grew as well. they didn't look like much. in fact they looked pretty ragged. but we watered them. and weeded them. and watched th