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i know you're mad at God

i know you're mad at God. i know you're doubting anything you ever believed about Him.  i hear you telling people He can't be real. suggesting He's a fairy tale. spouting your hatred of Him because you're mad at what you think He's done. you look at this world and you see the pain. you see the corrupt. you see the evil. and you tell yourself a good God wouldn't allow bad things. a good God wouldn't let people fall. a good God wouldn't couldn't shouldn't  sit back while His children suffer. and so you reject anything that remotely suggests that God is on the throne. because you want nothing to do with serving a God like that. but you can't base your faith on what others have done. because you'll see their failures, you'll see their shortcomings, you'll see their moments of hypocrisy, and you'll decide that their flaws are the reason why God can't be real. not a God you want to belie