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How to make a Prayer Battle Plan with God

for the last few years, i've created Prayer Battle Plans for situations in my life. things i was in the middle of and things that were to come. our oldest son going off to college, our youngest son starting high school, a friend's daughter with a mystery illness, sudden financial pressures. you name it and i made a battle plan for it. these battle plans have changed my faith life. and i'm praying they change yours too. i've always been someone who prays daily, but it started to feel like my prayers weren't focused. that they were all over the place. it felt like i was taking my prayers, throwing them up in the air and hoping they'd stick. praying had become a habit, and like most habits i did it without even thinking about it. and God had become to me, who He has become to a lot of people. a genie in a bottle. i rubbed the side when i had a wish...and expected it to come true. and i was disappointed when He didn't do what i asked Him to