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i love mondays

people think i'm crazy. they've said so. right to my face. they've laughed. they've rolled their eyes. they've ignored and criticized and complained. they don't want to hear it and yet i say it anyways. i love mondays. 

crazy concept i know. to love a day that so many hate. to embrace the very thing that symbolizes a loss of freedom to so many. but i don't consider it a loss. i don't look at it from a jaded point of view. i see mondays as a gift. a reminder of all that we can be. to me monday is another chance to make it all right. another chance to step out into the dreams we've dreamed for too long. monday means opportunities and fresh starts and new horizons. monday means new beginnings and blank slates where we get to write out the story of our day, of our week, of our life.

though it sounds foreign to some, i made a choice long ago. i choose to find the every every every person.

not always easy of course. or immediate. or even voluntary at times. but i've developed such a habit of searching for the silver lining that i force myself to find it. sometimes grudgingly. sometimes through clenched teeth. sometimes screaming the whole way. but i find it...because i choose to.

one of the greatest stories i ever read was about Joseph in the Bible. betrayed by his brothers. sold into slavery. falsely accused. falsely imprisoned. and YET the Bible says, what satan meant for evil, God was able to use for good.

that story, that concept changed me. God used the very worst moments in Joseph's life and used them to bring about incredible blessings. through every trial, through every problem, even when it looked like everyone was against him, Joseph just kept his eyes on God. he didn't worry, he didn't complain, he didn't give up. he just kept choosing to honor God. and when it looked the worst, God showed His best.  

and i know that if God would do that for Joseph, He'd do it for me. not because i deserve it. not because i'm special. not because i earned it. but because God promised what He has done for one, He will do for all. and when i gave my life to Christ, i became one of the all He was talking about. 

and so i try to overlook the bad and look for the good. i tend to ignore the clouds and look for silver linings. i take something that the world considers bad-like mondays-and turn it into something good. on purpose. because it's my choice. and because quite simply, it's a day that God has made.

people call me crazy but i love mondays. what's stopping you from loving them too?

hApPY mONdaY!!!


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