Monday, April 18, 2011

in honor of mondays

in honor of mondays, my favorite day of the week, i wanted to share something i wrote a couple of years ago and hope it inspires you to live today and everyday as if your life will make a difference. because whether you think so or not, your life does make a difference. everything you say and everything you do makes a difference to someone. good or bad, small or big...your actions change the world. 


true success

true success is not measured by first place, or awards given, or records achieved. true success is not measured in victorious moments with the world applauding your efforts and trophies being handed your way. 

true success is not even counted as the world counts it-with flags waving and fireworks and long speeches about the worthiness of your efforts. 

alas, true success is not always the big moments wrapped in fancy paper with the good bow on top. no, true success often comes unwrapped and unnoticed, hidden away in the corners of our lives-forgotten really, brushed aside as being too simple, too little, too unnoteworthy to write down in the pages of our minds. 

but at the end of the day and more importantly, at the end of a life, it's not the trophies or the awards or the applause that mean anything to anyone. it's the actions of a person. the hand held, the shoulder offered, the true and genuine concern about another human that leave the lasting impression.

people will forget how many times you came in first place. people will forget the games won and lost, the points scored, the errors made. but people will never forget how you treated them and people will never forget how you made them feel.

true success will never be the success that is headlined in the media or given the front row seat. true success, lasting success is rarely noticed by this world. but the moments that matter, the moments that make a difference, the moments that really count, don't need to be noticed or headlined or given special treatment. true success, the kind that lasts a lifetime, doesn't have to be seen by the eyes. that kind of success has to only be felt by the heart. 


happy monday...let's choose to make it the best one ever!!!

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