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when God whispers

i don't always listen when God whispers. i don't always pay attention to that still small voice that gently urges me in a certain direction. sometimes i don't do it because i'm too busy. or too distracted. or too scared to look foolish. but sometimes i do listen. sometimes, despite my busyness and distractions and fear, i just go and do what God has urged me to do. and as i head off in blind obedience knowing i may never understand why i'm doing it, there's no doubt in my mind that He always does.

it happened to me today. a whisper. a leading. a still small voice telling me to go to a certain place. i didn't know why of course, but at the last second i turned and headed in the opposite direction of my destination. nothing big happened. no obvious reason for my detour. i saw a few friends. gave a few hugs. shared a few laughs and called it a day. mission-although invisible-accomplished.

as i was leaving i saw her. crying amidst the flashing lights and the damaged cars. though people were everywhere she seemed alone. scared. distraught. in the brief moment i saw her i knew. i knew why God had me make the turn. it was for her. it was for this. it was to let her know that in her scariest moment, God was right by her side.

everything in me knew i had to pull over. i've known her since she was little. a bright light inside a beautiful girl. she saw me and broke down. the details of the accident spilled out among the deployed air bags and scattered belongings. the car nose sat wedged in the embankment, broken but safe. and so was she. heartbroken but safe. 

and that's all that mattered. 

cars can be replaced. people can't. and though questions loomed about the loss, praises were given to Him for her life. 

hours later i saw her Facebook status..."He will cover you with His wings; you will be safe in His care; His faithfulness will protect and defend you"...and i smiled. because she got it. she understood. she knew who she belonged to. she knew who saved her.

i got it too. i understood. i know who i belong to. i know who has saved me. and though i don't always listen when He whispers, i thank Him for those moments when i finally do.


  1. How wonderful that you listened to HIS whisper and were there for this precious girl. How wonderful that she understands and shared that understanding with all her friends! So happy you shared this beautiful story with us on (in)courage! :)

  2. thanks jennifer...God always AMAZES me!!!


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