Monday, May 23, 2011

i wonder if God hates mondays too

it's monday again. i can hear the groans already. before the day even starts people are loathing it, cursing it, wishing it would go away. i think it's crazy of course. to dislike 1/7th of your life. to have developed such a habit of hating a day, that you cringe when someone even mentions the name.

i wonder if God hates mondays too. if He gets so tired of hearing the complaining, whining and frustration that He dreads the day just like everyone else.

i wonder if on sunday night He starts to frown. if He starts moping around. if He wastes the moments in front of Him because He's so focused on what's coming tomorrow.

i wonder if He grumbles and gripes to anyone who will listen. i wonder if He rolls His eyes, stomps his feet, and makes His annoyance for the day obvious to everyone around Him.

i know He doesn't, but i wonder if He wants to sometimes. i wonder if He wishes that for once, just once, no one would complain about a day that hasn't even begun and instead is just excited to find out about the plans He has for them.

i wonder if He searches the whole earth for someone, anyone, who is just be glad to be alive. someone who will be happy that the sun came out. someone who will thank Him for another opportunity to make things right, another chance to touch a life, another possibility to start again.

i wonder if He gets tired of looking. if He wonders if it's worth it anymore. if He wishes He could start over.

i don't want God to search and not find someone thankful for mondays. i don't want God to grow tired of looking for someone who is glad to be alive. if He can't find it anywhere else, i want Him to find it in me.

i want to be someone He can count on to be happy regardless of what day it is. 

at the end of my life, if God said, "i'll give you one more day",and it was a monday, i'd take a heartbeat. 

and i bet most everyone else would do the same.

let's celebrate and everyday...happy monday!!!

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