Sunday, August 7, 2011

it's not about me

i was reminded today that it's not about me. that my gifts, my talents, my abilities were not given to me by God to prove to the world how good i am. or how much people like me. or how much i fit in

because i don't fit in. not really. and truth be told, i don't want to.

i don't want to be like everyone else. i don't want to be the image of the person next to me. i want to stand out. to make a difference. to make my life count.

when people see me, i don't want them to think i've done anything good on my own. i don't want them to give me credit for what they think i've accomplished in life. i don't want them to see me and not see Him.

His sacrifice. His promises. His love.

that's what changed me. that's what motivates me.

that's who He is.

and that's who i strive to be.

more like Him.

i don't want to die with any doubt that God was the most important thing in my life. i don't want people to see me and not see Him. i don't want them to care more about me at all.

because it's not about me anyway.

it's about Him.


  1. In the front cover of my bible, I've written five words. I learned them from Ann Voskamp, who learned them from Shaun Groves: "Is it still about Jesus?" Just five words to remind me that it's not about me.

  2. deidra...i have a card posted on my Bible that says "oh yeah, i keep forgetting, it's not about me, it is about Him!" and now i've put your question there too. though i KNOW these truths, somehow i still need the constant reminders! thx for your comment, i appreciate it. happy monday!!!