Saturday, August 13, 2011

wishing our lives away

sometimes i think i wish my life away.

i wish i was a better mother.

i wish i was a better wife.

i wish i was a better friend.

i wish i was better at playing guitar, at singing beyond the shower, at sticking to an exercise plan.

i wish i was a better writer, a more patient listener, a talented athlete.

i wish my hair was straighter, my nose was smaller, my thighs were thinner.

i wish i didn't have any debt, any regrets or this crazy sweet tooth that won't go away.

crazy wishes. wishful wishes. mostly not attainable wishes. but wishes all the same.

i wish it was next week. i wish it was still the weekend. i wish it was friday.

i wish the summer would get here faster. i wish it was spring break. i wish it was time for vacation.

wishing, wishing, wishing, wishing and as soon as the wish is here, i'm off wishing for something else.

i know i'm not the only one.

people, like me, who without thinking, wish their lives away.

it's so easy to do really.

to think that life would be better if only we were _______ or had _______.

everyone fills in the blanks differently but most everyone has blanks they want to fill.

we wish today was tomorrow or yesterday or next week.

we wish we had a better job, or a better house or a better car.

we wish for more and more and more and better and better and better.

we wish we hadn't said that or done that. or we wish we had said that or done that. our minds are on overdrive second guessing, replaying, redoing our lives.

and in the midst of it all waits God. wondering, hoping, searching for someone who will wish for nothing more than to be with Him. who just wants to thank Him instead of asking for more. who wants to use the very life that doesn't seem good enough, to honor Him.

i wish i was that person.

don't you?


  1. Wow, this is me my precious friend.....Thank you so much for allowing the Lord to use you....
    The Lord has blessed me in so many ways thru you.
    I do thank Him, but I "wish" way to much..... Forgive me abba.....
    Love you Colleen.....

  2. andrea...thank you for your kind words, you are such a kind friend...i love you too!!!

  3. i needed to re-read this today...thanks again!

    1. i need to re-read it alot!!! it seems like i'm always wishing my life away. thanks for reading it again. may God continue to bring His presence into your life in the most amazing ways!!!


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