Monday, December 31, 2012

praying for the brokenhearted this year

as 2012 comes to a close i look around and see a world full of hurting people.

this was a hard year for so many.

so many are broken. defeated. disillusioned.

the problems come quicker than the answers. the pain lasts longer than the relief.

the hope feels further away than ever.

and yet we still go on.

why i wonder? why do we press on in a world that seems to grow worse everyday? why push to be more when the days are more than overwhelming? why try to be a light when there's such unimaginable darkness?

good questions. valid questions. almost unanswerable questions.

and almost too much for wearied souls to even search for those answers.

but when we're down...we look up.

and when we look up...we see the Cross.

and when we see the Cross...we see Jesus.

and there hangs our peace. there hangs our hope. there hangs our light.

and so we get up. we move forward. we press on.

despite the desire to give up, we give it another go.

because He paid much too high a price for us to give up now.

2013 is just around the corner. the New Year is just ahead. our lives are just in front of us.

we pray for boldness. we pray for courage. we pray for peace.

for us.

and for this entirely broken world.

Dear Lord, I ask you to bless the person reading this today. I ask you to find them right where they are. I ask you to fix the broken places in their lives. I ask you to fix the broken pieces in their hearts. It's a crazy world down here Lord, and it's getting crazier everyday. Lord, I pray that those who are lost are found. I pray that those who are sick are healed. I pray that those who are suffering find peace. I pray Lord, that satan's strongholds are destroyed off each life reading this today. I pray Lord, that no one is so wearied that they give up. I pray that no one is so broken that they don't want to go on. I pray Lord, that they see hope. I pray Lord, that they see light. I pray Lord, that they see you, that they feel you, that they know you. I pray Lord, that those who think you have let them down, still cling with all they have left to the Cross. I pray that they don't turn their back on you now when they need you the most. I pray Lord, that they don't turn away. Hold them Lord, keep them close. Hold them and know that life has just become too much for the moment and give them the strength to keep going on. Lord, I pray that all those who have turned away, find their way back to you today. In Jesus' Name I pray.

may the God of Peace bring you comfort today.

and everyday in this coming year.



here's a great song by Sidewalk Prophets. listen and be blessed.

Know that you are Loved- Sidewalk Prophets 

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