Monday, January 22, 2024

When you're tired of the fight

Sometimes you get tired of the fight.
You get tired of the constant battle.
You get tired of always feeling like your world is falling apart.

And you want to tap out. 
You want to throw in the towel.
You want to chalk it all up to defeat.

Because you're done.

You are so done.

And satan laughs.


Because he knew just how to get you.
he knew what buttons to push.
he knew exactly what to do to get you to break down.

he knew it was just a matter of time before you started thinking about giving up.

This isn't his first time coming for you.

If you're living in this world and think that satan isn't trying to destroy you,
every minute of every day, you're wrong.

he'll send distractions.
he'll send disappointments.
he'll send despair.

And not just to you.

he'll send it to everyone around you.

Because if he can surround you with desperation, he knows you'll start to feel desperate.

And he knows desperate people do desperate things.

Like turn away from God. 

satan will stop at nothing to get you to give in. 

he will do everything, to keep you focused on your problems, instead of focused on the Cross.

he needs to keep you distracted.

Because if he can keep your eyes off of Jesus, he wins.

If he can keep you from doubting God's Word, he wins.

If he can keep you so consumed with despair, he wins.

he WINS.

And you weren't born for him to win. 

If you are in the middle of a battle right now, you better believe satan is after something you have.

The question is, "are you going to let him have it?"

Everything you need to overcome this fight, God has already provided. 

But you have to choose where you put your faith.

In the one coming to steal, kill and destroy.

Or the One who came to give you peace.

Look to God. Cling to His promises. Trust in His Word.

The world will have you believe there's no hope for what you're going through.

But the Word of God reminds you that He has overcome the world!!!


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