Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Do not hide your face from me, O God.
Though you are not my priority.
Though I rarely seek you unless I need you.
Though I offer a quick prayer and a rare glance.
Do not hide your face.
The world consumes me.
All the running, all the choices, all the opinions.
I am surrounded by chaos. My heart is not steady.
Instead of searching for peace, I search for prosperity.
Instead of seeking wisdom, I seek wealth.
Sleep fails me.
I have filled my mind with worldly things.
I have grown tired.
And weary.
And worn out.
There is no joy left in me.
I have turned from you, Lord.
I promised I would not turn, but I did.
Help me, Lord, to find my way back.
Help me to be who you need me to be.
Forgive me, Lord, that I so easily fill my heart with other things.
Forgive me for not making choices that honor you.
I want to be someone you can rely on.
Please do not hide your face from me, Lord.
Please do not hide your face.

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